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Antibulli - team spirit is always a winner makes it easy for handball coaches to work with good team relations and to prevent bullying in children’s handball.
All children should be able to enjoy supportive and friendly communities, also in their spare time.
This is the underlying philosophy behind Antibulli, a joint effort initiated by The Mary Foundation and MH24 – Foreningen Mikkel mod Mobning (Mikkel Against Bullying).
The purpose of Antibulli is to promote the feeling of team spirit and well-being and to prevent bullying among 6-12-year-olds who play handball by means of knowledge sharing, training exercises and activities involving coaches, parents and players.
Today, we know that bullying is a social issue linked to the group dynamics among children, and that we can prevent bullying when we strengthen values such as tolerance and respect among the children.
Antibulli has been pilot tested in five handball clubs in the autumn of 2016 and was launched in January 2017.
Antibulli is developed in cooperation with Save the Children Denmark, TrygFonden and five handball clubs: Ry Handball Club, KLG Handball Club, FIF Handball Club, Køge Handball Club and Silkeborg IF. These pilot clubs have contributed with knowledge, experiences and lessons-learnt and have tested the project materials in practice.
The partnership between The Mary Foundation and MH24 – Foreningen Mikkel mod Mobning (Mikkel Against Bullying) was announced in January 2016. Read the press release.

Bullying and Well-being

Bullying and a failure to thrive are interlinked. When a child is bullied, he or she does not thrive. And when a children's group is not thriving, there is a big risk of bullying and social isolation arising. Thriving in a children's group is all about giving all of the children the right tools and values, so that tolerance and togetherness become the focus. The work to prevent bullying is therefore inextricably linked with fostering well-being and inclusion.

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