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Domestic Violence

Violence is never acceptable – and can never be justified. And yet thousands of families live with the dark secret of domestic violence.

It can be difficult for people on the outside to understand why women stay in a violent relationship, but these women are often tied to their partners for many different reasons – such as the children, financial security, fear or love.

At The Mary Foundation, we focus on the violence and aim to give the many vulnerable women and children a voice. We furthermore strive to support them in taking their first difficult steps toward a life without violence.

UN Sustainable Development Goals, SDG 5

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

Our work in this focus area contributes to SDG 5, particularly target 5.2, which seeks to: eliminate all forms of violence against all women and girls in public and private spheres, including trafficking and sexual and other types of exploitation.

Facts about Domestic Violence

  • It is estimated that 33,000 women in Denmark are subjected to violence at the hands of their partners every year
  • It is estimated that 33,000 children live with violence in the home
  • Violence is a big taboo and it is presumed that many victims never report it. There may therefore be even more victims of violence
  • Close to 80% of all perpetrators of violence have themselves been subjected to domestic violence as children (Source: “Dialog mod Vold” (Dialogue against violence))
  • During 2020, 2,294 women lived in the country’s women’s shelters. The women brought a total of 2,157 children. (Source: LOKK and Danmarks Statistik, 2021)

Children arrive at crisis centres with nothing

When children walk into a crisis centre or women’s shelter with their mother, they often arrive with only the clothes on their back. Sixty-seven per cent of Danish crisis centres find that children often or very often arrive without their belongings. This is according to a study conducted by Epinion …
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New programme for at-risk pregnant women aims to give children a better start in life

Psychological and social problems experienced by pregnant women can have significant consequences for their unborn children and early parenthood. A new partnership will strengthen the support provided to pregnant women at Amager and Hvidovre Hospital through mindfulness, parenting guidance and a special focus on domestic violence. The goal is to …
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