At the Mary Foundation, we fight for a society where everyone feels that they belong

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About Us

At The Mary Foundation, we work to fight social isolation based on the belief that everyone has the right to belong. The feeling of belonging to a community where you feel acknowledged and accepted is crucial for all of us.

Our social needs are fundamental to our well-being, and it therefore has extensive human and social consequences when a person is socially isolated. Still, far too many people experience long-term loneliness.

At The Mary Foundation, we strive to contribute to a society where everyone feel they belong. We do this by developing, managing and operating initiatives and projects that support the many people on the edge of society to stay in or step into the community. We promote knowledge, break down taboos and create awareness of the action areas we work with as well as potential solutions.

It is our aim to create hope and a better life for those who stand alone, as well as a greater understanding and tolerance among those who constitute the communities. Ultimately, our aim is to increase the number of people who feel that they belong.