Everyone has the right to belong. The Mary Foundation works for the many people who are alone

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HM The Queen has always been particularly conscious of the people who are not part of a group, people who feel lonely and are unable to understand why they are excluded from the community. The Queens desire to do something for people on the edge of society was revitalised when a 1.1 million kroner national gift was raised in Denmark and Greenland and donated in honour of The Royal Couple’s wedding in 2004. The idea really began to take shape in 2006.

A year later, in 2007, “The Mary Foundation – HRH Crown Princess Mary’s Foundation” became a reality.
The inspiration largely originates from The Queen’s social work with patronages, where social isolation in particular often proves to be one of the key causes behind the problems. Inspiration has also been sourced from like-minded foundations around the world.

The Mary Foundation’s first project was launched in 2008. More projects have been taken on since then, and there are more on the horizon. This has all been realised thanks to the people’s gift and the Foundation’s eight co-founders, who have ensured a solid economic foundation. The group of co-founders was later expanded, and the capital stock now stands at around 220 million kroner. This capital stock has been set aside and remains untouched, providing a foundation for a long-term strategy, while the full annual return is used to combat social isolation within The Mary Foundation’s three focus areas: Bullying & Well-being, Domestic Violence and Loneliness