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The Mary Foundation

Everyone has the right to belong. This is the underlying philosophy behind The Mary Foundation, which was established with the aim of combating social isolation.

Together we are stronger

Even in affluent countries such as Denmark, many people live on the edge of society, and a little push in the right direction can often make a substantial difference. The Mary Foundation’s efforts focus on three areas: Bullying and Well-being, Domestic Violence and Loneliness.

There are men who have been bullied since childhood and have lost faith in both themselves and others. There are women and children who are mentally scarred by feelings of guilt and shame following years of domestic violence. There are elderly and young people who feel so lonely and excluded that they are no longer capable of interacting socially.

Such issues are difficult to talk about. But they are also issues that we must be able to talk about in a society such as ours. The Mary Foundation strives to get these issues onto the public agenda. However, the majority of our efforts are directed toward identifying, developing and completing projects in schools, after-care centres, crisis centres and other areas in life where people feel alone.

We create the framework for an optimal contribution by entering into relevant partnerships from project to project. This could be companies, researchers, foundations or organisations with specialist knowledge of the specific subject matter. Because we cannot combat social isolation alone. But we can do our best to promote a tolerant society that embraces diversity and gives everyone the right to belong.