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Yearly donation goes to Mozambique

17 January 2013

As the chairperson of The Mary Foundation, HRH Crown Princess Mary has decided to support the Fórum Mulher organisation in Mozambique through a DKK 250,000 donation. The Crown Princess joined Development Minister Christian Friis Bach on a visit to Mozambique in November – in connection with which she also visited the organisation working to secure women’s rights. The donation constitutes The Mary Foundation’s annual donation for 2012 and is the fourth annual donation to be made by the Foundation.

Fórum Mulher is a non-profit umbrella organisation which for 20 years has dedicated itself to realising the rights and equality of women in Mozambique. Women in Mozambique are often marginalised and battle with problems such as a lack of education and job opportunities, untreated diseases, violence, sexual abuse and social exclusion. Fórum Mulher pools efforts and votes from a total of 84 national NGOs – all of which strive to secure a more just and equal society.

In November, Crown Princess Mary travelled to Mozambique with Christian Friis Bach, in connection with which the Crown Princess visited Fórum Mulher. This made an impression:
“When you live in a country like Denmark, where we tend to take equality for granted, it can be difficult to comprehend the conditions under which the women in Mozambique live – theirs is a totally different and harsh reality. Fostering acceptance of – and respect for – women’s rights in this country is a long, hard slog. Fórum Mulher has fought for this for 20 years, and I was impressed by their work and results. They have managed to bring many enthusiastic organisations together and to give them a single, strong voice – and that’s what’s needed. My hope is that this donation will strengthen the work to create a better, safer and more just life for the many women in Mozambique,” says Crown Princess Mary.

Fórum Mulher receives funding from UNFPA (the United Nations Population Fund), of which the Crown Princess is a patron.

The Mary Foundation’s annual donation has previously funded:

  • Orchid Project (DKK 50,000). “Africa Now” fundraising campaign (DKK 200,000)
  • Maternity Worldwide, Ethiopia (DKK 250,000)
  • Danish Refugee Council, Uganda (DKK 250,000)

Fórum Mulher

Fórum Mulher is Mozambique’s Women’s Forum, a countrywide umbrella organisation that was established in 1993 in order to strengthen and coordinate the work to promote equality, justice and women’s rights in Mozambique.

Fórum Mulher has more than 80 membership organisations throughout the country, giving the organisation national coverage. The organisation’s most important priorities include fighting violence against women, promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights, promoting girls’ and women’s education, promoting women’s participation in the country’s political and economic development, and strengthening women’s organisations and the fight to secure women’s rights in general. The organisation funds training and education for women, organises advocacy campaigns surrounding particular issues, organises communication and information campaigns on important issues to promote women’s rights, and promotes the network of women’s organisations at local and national level. 

Visit Fórum Mulher’s website here.