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Panels of experts

At The Mary Foundation, we identify, manage and develop our projects in close collaboration with leading experts in each specific area. The overview below highlights our experts – individuals who have inspired and advised us in our work.

Panel of experts affiliated to Bullying and Well-being

  • Professor Jan Kampmann, Roskilde University Centre
  • Candidate of Law, PhD fellow Helle Rabøl Hansen, Department of Education (DPU), Aarhus University
  • Professor Dorte Marie Søndergaard, Danish School of Education (DPU), Aarhus University
  • Candidate of Psychology, specialist in psychotherapy, Conni Gregersen
  • Professor Donna Cross, Winthrop Professor with the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences at the University of Western Australia and the Australian Telethon Kids Institute.

Panel of experts affiliated to BookFun

  • Professor Dorthe Bleses, head of the Center for Child Language, University of Southern Denmark
  • Professor Emeritus Stig Broström, Danish School of Education (DPU), Aarhus University
  • Professor (with special responsibilities) Kristine Jensen de López, Institute of Communication, Aalborg University
  • Tutor in language Jette Løntoft

Panel of experts affiliated to Domestic Violence

  • Sous chef and head of counselling service, Bente Boserup, Children's Welfare in Denmark
  • Senior researcher and psychologist Else Christensen, The Danish National Institute of Social Research
  • Teacher Marie Møller Christensen, Kvindehjemmet (Women’s Home)
  • Director Mads Roke Clausen, Mødrehjælpen (Mother Help)
  • CEO Judith Slocombe, The Alannah and Madeline Foundation
  • Candidate of Sciences MA in Administration, Marie Kathrine Poppel, University of Greenland
  • Chair Birgit Søderberg, National Organisation of Women’s Shelters (LOKK)
  • Director Helle Øbo, Askovgården, Dialoque against Violence

Panel of experts affiliated to Loneliness

  • Professor and PhD John T. Cacioppo, The University of Chicago
  • PhD, loneliness researcher Mathias Lasgaard, The Institute of Psychology, University of Southern Denmark 
  • PhD, lecturer Rikke Lund, The Institute of People's Science, Copenhagen University
  • PhD, lecturer Jens Christian Nielsen, Danish School of Education (DPU), Aarhus University 
  • PhD, director Christine E. Swane, Ensomme Gamles Værn (Danish Welfare League for Lonely Old People)
  • Deputy director Lise Stidsen Vandahl, the National Board of Social Services