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The Mary Foundation consists of a secretariat, a board of directors and a governing body, and we collaborate with a number of relevant partners, which can be found under the individual projects.

From the very beginning we have strived to tackle our work in a different way. Organisations cannot apply to receive funds from the Foundation, for example. Instead, we are the driving force behind the projects that we get involved with; and we believe in the power of working together. We believe that the effect is so much greater when the right people for the task join forces in their quest to solve the problem. At The Mary Foundation, we bring people together. We identify, develop and complete projects in close collaboration with selected partners and experts who have the professional insight and personal enthusiasm to optimise the combined effort in order to make the greatest possible difference.

When we embark on a new focus area, we start by assembling a panel of experts. This will typically consist of professors, researchers, professionals from organisations, or other individuals capable of helping us with the insight and experience they have acquired through tackling related problems, in theory and/or in practice. The interest in – and will to – participate in our panel of experts is overwhelming, and The Mary Foundation is extremely grateful for the support we have received from all of the NGOs, foundations, companies and individuals who have decided to join our quest to combat social isolation.