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Kammagiitta – Free of Bullying

The Free of Bullying version that has been adapted for Greenland is called “Kammagiitta – Fri for Mobberi” and was officially launched in Greenland on 11 September 2011. The anti-bullying programme has since been rolled out across institutions throughout Greenland.

The collaboration surrounding the anti-bullying programme started in 2009, when the Greenlandic authorities sought specific tools – and became interested in the anti-bullying programme launched by The Mary Foundation and Save the Children Denmark.

The Mary Foundation, The LEGO Foundation, Save the Children, the municipalities, KANUKOKA (the national association of Greenlandic municipalities) and Naalakkersuisut (Government of Greenland) have collaborated to bring Kammagiitta – Fri for Mobberi to fruition. The programme has been adapted to suit Greenlandic culture and tradition and especially its language. During its foundation, The Mary Foundation, Save the Children and The LEGO Foundation have provided resources and experience in close collaboration with professionals in Greenland.

The Government of Greenland regards the programme as an important part of Greenland’s efforts to create a better life for children.

We must have a national anti-bullying programme for children, in the workplace and in the public sector, and Kammagiitta – Fri for Mobberi is a great place to start for the children.

Palle Christiansen at the launch of the anti-bullying programme in 2011


Bullying and Well-being

Bullying and a failure to thrive are interlinked. When a child is bullied, he or she does not thrive. And when a children's group is not thriving, there is a big risk of bullying and social isolation arising. Thriving in a children's group is all about giving all of the children the right tools and values, so that tolerance and togetherness become the focus. The work to prevent bullying is therefore inextricably linked with fostering well-being and inclusion.

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