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Free of Bullying in other countries

The Mary Foundation has experienced an increased international interest in the Danish Free of Bullying programme during the last years.

The Free of Bullying programme was launched in Greenland in 2011. The anti-bullying programme has since then been rolled out across institutions throughout Greenland where it is called “Kammagiitta – Fri for Mobberi”.

Since 2011 The Mary Foundation and Save the Children Denmark have been cooperating with the Estonian NGO Estonian Union for Child Welfare in order to adapt the Danish Free of Bullying programme to Estonia. Today 440 of a total of approx. 600 Estonian kindergartens and 81 out of 500 schools are working with the programme. In Estonia the programme is called Kiusamisest Vabaks

Free of Bullying was also lauched in Iceland in 2016, where 75 kindergartens are now working with the programme. Free of Bullying in Iceland is called Vinátta and the programme is implemented by Barnaheill - Save the Children á Íslandi.

In the Faro Islands, the programme is called Betri Vinir and the NGO Barnabati is adapting the programme to the Faroese context. 

If you are interested in reading more about the programme, please, feel free to visit our English website: freeofbullying.com

If you are  interested in learning more about adapting Free of Bullying to your country, please contact:

Lone Bak Kirk, The Mary Foundation
Mail: lbk@maryfonden.dk, phone: +45 20 99 89 42

Lars Netteberg, Save The Children Denmark
Mail: lsn@redbarnet.dk, phone: +45 20 89 72 50

Bullying and Well-being

Bullying and a failure to thrive are interlinked. When a child is bullied, he or she does not thrive. And when a children's group is not thriving, there is a big risk of bullying and social isolation arising. Thriving in a children's group is all about giving all of the children the right tools and values, so that tolerance and togetherness become the focus. The work to prevent bullying is therefore inextricably linked with fostering well-being and inclusion.

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