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Here you will find some frequently asked questions – and responses thereto.

Can I apply for funds from The Mary Foundation?

The Mary Foundation is a different kind of foundation – one that does not provide funding. It is therefore not possible to apply for funds from the foundation, whether from private sources or associations. On the other hand, The Mary Foundation runs its own social projects aimed at combating social isolation.

Can I suggest a new idea or project to The Mary Foundation?

We welcome suggestions for potential focus areas or projects geared toward our goal of combating social isolation, promoting tolerance and understanding of diversity, and fostering hope. Suggestions can be sent to info@maryfonden.dk – and we aim to respond to all recommendations within 14 days.

Does The Mary Foundation enter into commercial partnerships?

The Mary Foundation does not get involved in commercial endeavours and can therefore also not endorse any fundraising campaigns or the like.

Can I donate money to The Mary Foundation?

We welcome donations. Donations are dedicated directly and in full to The Mary Foundation’s long-term efforts to combat social isolation. However, The Mary Foundation does not want donations to be mentioned in connection with commercial endeavours, in external marketing materials, on websites, in social media or in conventional media. The Mary Foundation’s name and logo may not be used in connection with a donation, but only by prior agreement in connection with close partnerships involving specific work carried out by The Mary Foundation.

Can I secure an interview with The Mary Foundation as a student?

The Mary Foundation regularly receives a considerable number of enquiries from students, but unfortunately we do not have the resources to conduct interviews. However, we are happy to respond to specific questions that relate to our work and current projects. You can send your questions to info@maryfonden.dk.

I have a question concerning purchasing Free of Bullying – who can help?

Free of Bullying suitcases, courses and materials can be purchased from bestil.friformobberi.dk. Should you encounter any problems with your order, you can contact julie@companized.dk or call +45 27 11 57 57. Should you have any questions concerning course dates or course content, you can contact mob@redbarnet.dk.

How do I order BookFun?

BookFun packs and courses can be purchased at www.læseleg.dk. Should you have any questions regarding ordering, you can contact julie@companized.dk or call +45 27 11 57 57. If you have any questions about the BookFun courses or problems logging on to the BookFun website, then contact laeseleg@maryfonden.dk.