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Cordially Speaking

Kærlig Talt is an educational programme targeted at lower secondary school students aiming to enhance young people’s abilities to cope with difficult emotions. The ambition is to give the young people tools to develop and maintain safe and respectful relationships, and to prevent them from being subjected to partner violence or other forms of violent relations later in life.

Healthy relationships, self respect and respect for others

Difficult emotions are natural and part of being human, and not least of being young. The difficult feelings can e.g. occur in connection with jealousy, bullying, parents’ divorce or the feeling of being let down or being subjected to violence. The aim of Kærlig Talt is therefore not only to focus on avoiding difficult feelings, but rather on strengthening young people’s ability to tackle them in a good and constructive way.
If you practise how to tackle complex and difficult emotions at a young age, with respect for own and other people’s boundaries, you will most likely be able to maintain and create good and healthy relationships later in life.

The aim of Kærlig Talt is to develop the students’ ability to:

  • Create positive and respectful relations
  • Tackle difficult feelings individually and together with others
  • Prevent dating violence and destructive conflicts
  • Develop communicative skills and the ability to communicate constructively
  • Understand the factors that can trigger violence in close relationships
  • Explore non-violent ways of solving conflicts
  • Seek help in case violence occurs

Kærlig Talt consists of a talk show anchored by TV host Mikkel Kryger who interviews young people, experts and famous people/role models. Together, they try to address difficult feelings – and, not least, to work with them so they are easier to manage and control.

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Domestic violence

29,000 women are subjected to violence at the hands of their partners every year. 33,000 children grow up with domestic violence. Having close relatives who are affected by violence is a big taboo and often regarded as shameful. The Mary Foundation wants to give the silent victims of violence a voice and to help them build a life free of violence.

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