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Advice for Life

Advice for Life offers financial, legal and social advice and guidance to women affected by domestic violence. This supports and strengthens the women in taking their first big step toward a life free of violence.

Helping people to help themselves

In Denmark, 33,000 women are annually subjected to violence at the hands of their partners, and, in many cases, their financial situation is used as a means of forcing the woman to stay in the relationship. Helping the woman to get to grips with her financial situation is therefore paramount, as this enables her to become independent and function as a mother to her children in a home without violence. This requires extra capacity, both financially and personally. Advice for Life is therefore a combined project covering financial, legal and social advice.

I have acquired an understanding, an emerging optimism. Help that gives me an overview.

Woman at a women's shelter about Advice for Life

And the advice has a very positive impact on the women’s well-being. Advice for Life empowers the women to cope with their own financial situation after having participated in Advice for Life and remarkably improves their overall wellbeing. The results have largely been generated due to the project’s voluntary efforts. Staff from the Danish financial services provider Nykredit and local attourneys offer their expertise and experience pro bono, and, thus far, more than 3,700 women affected by violence have participated in the programme.

The Advice for Life folder is an invaluable asset at a women's shelter, where the woman typically arrives with few possessions from home. It represents the very first step toward getting an overview and creating a structure.

Lone Schmidt, financial mentor at Kvindernes Krise- og Aktivitetscenter, a women's shelter in Esbjerg in southwest Denmark

Domestic violence

29,000 women are subjected to violence at the hands of their partners every year. 33,000 children grow up with domestic violence. Having close relatives who are affected by violence is a big taboo and often regarded as shameful. The Mary Foundation wants to give the silent victims of violence a voice and to help them build a life free of violence.

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