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The Mary Foundation’s annual donation goes to refugees in Jordan

14.5 million children, women and men have fled from Syria and Iraq as a consequence of the recent wars in the two countries. Most of them seek refuge in the neighbouring countries. The Mary Foundation’s special donation 2016 of DKK 250,000 will support long-term efforts of the Danish Refugee Council in Jordan.

More than 600,000 refugees are registered in Jordan. Many of them are women and children, and no-one knows how long they are to stay in the country. This requires long-term humanitarian and relief efforts. In other words, there is a need to support the many refugees in creating a dignified and safe life – a life with development and hope.

The Mary Foundation’s donation goes to two community centres in Jordan run by the Danish Refugee Council. In the community centres refugees and locals can meet for social events or activities, and they often serve as a sanctuary − especially for vulnerable women and children. The activities in the centres include psycho-social support, conflict management, teaching in reading, mathematics and rights as well sports activities and movie nights. The purpose of the centres is to support integration, communities as well as the individual refugees.

“The refugee crisis is one of the world’s biggest global challenges. Due to the large number of people on the run and the complexity of the current situation, the refugees often have to live in the camps on a permanent basis, and an increasing number of refugees reside in the local communities. This requires adaptation of the humanitarian response, and the Danish Refugee Council has been successful in their efforts. By devoting the annual donation of the Mary Foundation to the work of the Danish Refugee Council, we support innovative solutions while sending a signal that we acknowledge the importance of the future of the many refugees − their dreams and hopes”, The Crown Princess says.

Jordan is the country in the world that hosts the second largest number of refugees per capita. The large increase in refugees and the uncertainty of the duration of the conflict has put the country under immense pressure. The humanitarian work of organizations such as the Danish Refugee Council is therefore of crucial importance.

The Danish Refugee Council is very grateful for the donation. The considerable amount allows us to help many people, and I highly appreciate that The Crown Princess so clearly demonstrates her strong personal commitment to support humanitarian efforts for refugees”, says Secretary General of the Danish Refugee Council Andreas Kamm.

The annual donation of the Mary Foundation goes to the Tarabot Centre and the Nuzha Centre in Amman, Jordan. The Mary Foundation contributes to the centres in collaboration with a number of other actors in the area, based on the belief that it takes collaboration and partnership if the humanitarian work is to succeed.

The Mary Foundation’s annual donation has previously funded:

  • 2015: Grant to 13 Young Leaders to participate in the Women Deliver Conference, Copenhagen, May 2016 (DKK 250,000 )
  • 2014: Brothers for Life, South Africa (DKK 250,000 )
  • 2013: Tilila, a women’s shelter in Casablanca, Morocco (DKK 250,000 )
  • 2012: Fórum Mulher, Mozambique (DKK 250,000)
  • 2011: Orchid Project ( DKK 50,000). ”Afrika Nu”-collection (DKK 200,000)
  • 2009: Maternity Worldwide, Ethiopia (DKK 250,000)

Read more about the Danish Refugee Council: flygtning.dk.

Read more about the Mary Foundation: maryfonden.dk.